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That’s All Folks!

I regretfully announce that ‘Daughters Of Wealthy Fathers’ will not be returning from its maternity sabbatical. Head-honcho Matt Main has endeavoured to continue music journalism, and is now writing for a sterling competitor in a new job in which we wish him the best of luck. Meanwhile, Matt Nelms has left England behind; trading in his lucrative soap company in exchange for a fresh start in┬áSouth-East Asia. In an irregular career change the capricious Nelms has vowed ‘To live forever or die in the attempt’. Again, we wish him the best of luck.

‘Thank you for reading, one and all’


site news: Maternity Leave

A precious knowledge baby is in the crucial stages of gestation, one month till this bitch is born and we’re back with a vengeance. Listen to some Fats Domino and Beastie Boys in the mean time.

new release: Big K.R.I.T. – The Return of 4Eva (2011)

Ignore the flagrant disobedience of the laws of spelling; Big K.R.I.T.’s brand of hip-hop is the closest kind you’ll ever get to classic literature. Which, aesthetically speaking, is.. not very close at all. But we don’t have to subject ourselves to our instinctive superficial selves, right? The similarities lie in K.R.I.T.’s thematic expounding on topics such as despondency, introspective insurrection, and challenging the limits of social convention through microcosms and memories. Doesn’t this all sound a bit, err, conceptual for the ‘Dirty South’? Maybe. There’s no use pretending those cliches aren’t interminably included, but they seem to take the form of a curious acknowledgement, a sort of reluctant reminder of a heritage he only occasionally wheels out. Philosophical musings aside – he just dropped his new mixtape, the Return of 4eva, on Monday night. I haven’t even got round to it yet, what with being exclusively devoted to Portishead’s Dummy as of late, but I’m gonna put my neck on the line and recommend it regardless. If it’s half as good as K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, it’ll be worth a spin or two. You can download the whole thing (for free!) over at his website.

new release: Tyler, the Creator

As a blog focused primarily on writing about the music that appeals to us at present, and little more, we can empathise with the plight of 2dopeboyz and Nah Right. Both are hard-working, long-standing mainstays of the hip-hop scene, deservedly acclaimed for their coverage of rap music independent and raw, and nobody can call into question the influence both currently hold over modern rap culture. Well, almost nobody. It’s entirely like Odd Future to fly in the face of all things accepted and respected, and their treatment of both aforementioned blogs is no different. Both have been unknowingly playing hosts to viral marketing for Tyler, the Creator‘s upcoming album, Goblin: an image which links directly to another site has been sat innocuously on the internet, including the pages of 2dopeboyz/nah right, for a couple of days now. Now the image explodes and gives way to a banner which announces that Goblin is due to drop on May 10th. Quite honestly, as bad as I feel for those guys – I can’t wait.