DAUGHTERS OF WEALTHY FATHERS begins between the divisive houses of musical critique; destructive analysis and the automatic, trigger happy. By definition we fall into the later- hungry fans, clamouring for the newest, shiniest trinkets, inattentive to design and emotion. Yet our desire is not to indulge in the prepubescent deluge that drives scene, instead we wish to inform others about what we love, so that they too can inhabit the world that has captured our interests and passions. All feedback is welcomed, if we disagree, we’ll let you know.



2 responses to “About

  1. elo, – this site is well good, nd the editor seems like a legend.

    Best regards, Big Did xxx

  2. sons of poor mothers

    Have you got a Tumblr, Twitter or Blog too? Would be awesome as you guys are great…Are you in a band? If so, would love to hear your stuff as you really seem to know your stuff.
    Cheers xxx

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