list: Record Store Day 2011 Top 3 Releases

Of Montreal/ Casiokids 7”- With the release of thecontrollersphere anticipated within the next fortnightan EP containing the final residual droplets of last year’s False Priest– it was of some surprise to see of Montreal in action again so soon. Refreshingly, their cover of Buffalo Springfield’s ‘Expecting To Fly’ is far from the raucous psychedelia of ‘Black Lion Massacre’, the lead track from the above mentioned EP. Meanwhile Casiokids‘ B-side ‘London Zoo’ is a real slow burner, developing into a brooding and soulful dance track. The 7” comes courtesy of Norway’s Splendour records, who also release a split 12” from their remaining scandinavian clientele, Brad Laner and Joensuu 1685.

Lower Dens/ Deer Knives 7”– The success of Twin Hand Movement far outgrew anything Gnomonsong has seen before, in which case an emigration to Sub Pop a natural progression?  This small foray would certainly suggest that at least some activity is occurring between Lower Dens and the label, ever willing to endorse Baltimore dream pop. Strictly in this mould comes ‘Deer Knives’, a nicely structured effort, containing a gorgeous whale song Esc guitar play off mid track.

Cults Abducted b/w Go Outside (remix)– Another tantalising snippet from Cults’ first full length expected in May. ‘Abducted’ continues to channel the post lo-fi pop duets that have catapulted the duo into recent fashion photoshoots with Vogue and The New York Times, whilst singer Follin is given a better chance to stretch her considerable vocal chords. Listen Below.  


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