artist profile: Youth Lagoon

Trevor Powers is channelling every young man’s frustrations into what can only be described as some mesmeric music. Having burst onto the scene 14 days ago, leaked tracks ‘July’ and ‘Cannons’ have already done the rounds, snowballing into somewhat of a internet monster. Amongst the usual hype a lot has been said about the hazy nature of Youth Lagoon‘s production- a point I feel may have been unfairly levelled. Yes, every layer is reverb dressed, but the punchy kick drum loops and fuzzed melodies that infiltrate each mix really lift YL above any chillwave malaise. Meanwhile, memorable vocal refrains are delivered with a brutal reality as to rival the most sincere of lo-fi hearts producing right now.

Powers bills the forthcoming full length The Year Of Hibernation as ‘a journal that I’m letting other people read’, a sentiment fitting his ramshackle approach to production. The vocals for example were recorded in a relative’s garage, blasted from one small speaker and recorded by two distant microphones. Time to fiddle with production is not something that the over worked Powers has in abundance (studying for an English degree with a full time job on the side doesn’t provide the most forgiving schedule).  However, having the enthusiasm to write and record in the short amount of time you have free is the mark of a true musician, someone doing what they’re doing purely for the love of their art. The record will be available sometime in the summer on the new Juno Beach Records, a company co-founded in part by Pandit’s Lance Smith and the man behind BIRP!.


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