new release: Timber Timbre- Keep On Creepin’ On (Arts & Crafts)

Although the eponymous Timber Timbre was the band’s first record released in Britain, the imminent Keep On Creepin’ On will be their fourth long play in total. In many ways, the previously mentioned Timber Timbre served as the Canadian’s debut- the mainstream breakthrough upon which the approaching effort must build. On first listen, the new effort remains pretty claustrophobic, continuing to exude the same bassy delta tones and plinky blues piano, high up in the mix. All of Timber Timbre‘s work is certainly in tune with their forested surrounding, yet remains darker, tenser and more dense than that of other woodland recluses. I cannot help but compare singer Taylor Kirk’s vocals to Win Butler’s, the Texas via Montreal accent definitely carries through into Kirk’s dramatised delivery. Decide for yourself whether the ‘cinematic landscapes’ of Keep On Creepin’ On are a step too far by streaming the record on Spinner, anticipated for the 5th Of April.



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