artist profile: WU LYF

Despite NME’s continual desire to unearth the next great British guitar band, Britpop is not alive and well. That an era defining genre is all but dead should be sad, yet somehow I could not care less whether or not bands like The Vaccines ‘are the only ones with bollocks’ for attempting to redefine what it means to play four chords on a red fucking strat. Were Britpop’s older brother- the late eighties Madchester scene- to see the current state of the city’s music, I doubt it would be best impressed. Bands like The Stone Roses were epochal in the scene’s establishment whilst in ‘Elephant Stone’ Manchester found a new direction into which bands could grow without merely recycling Morissey lyrics. Unfortunately, 20 years and countless Oasis albums have taken their toll on Madchester, leaving the city a shell of its former self. 2010 did however bring one hope for resurrection –WU LYF.

As little as anyone knows about WU LYF (World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation), their few released tracks have made quite the impact. The outfit combine symbology, iconography and mystery to curate a glamour that self publicising egos cannot create with bravado alone. The description of ‘heavy pop’ is almost perfect in elucidating the dark swirling guitars and organs that comprise WU LYF’s dream pop back line. Meanwhile the anonymous singer’s unintelligibly barked vocals add a real drama to the preexisting grandiose. The collective aren’t short of a hook either, ‘Heavy Pop’ contains an absolute gem of a drum beat whilst ‘Concrete Gold’ succeeds in  delivering an emotive and hummable refrain.

Soon to play shows in New York, WU LYF’s stock has risen to a point at which they have actively rejected offers from significant labels. They have instead chosen to self release new album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain- probably in order to maintain the outsider appeal and creative freedom larger companies fail to foster. Watch the video below in which the band reveal the record’s release date  (13th of June) via HEALTH style drumming and primal imagery.



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  1. you do realise nme has done like 5 articles on these fucks?

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