new release: The Middle East – I Want That You Are Always Happy (2011)

Given that all The Middle East have ever collectively released is an 8 track group of recordings (creatively titled The Recordings of The Middle East), it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why they’re so widely accepted as an established band. For my money, they’re still firmly fixed in the fledgling stage of their development, though this doesn’t necessarily imply immaturity – “Blood” is type of finished article many artists never reach, in careers that can span decades. It is unfortunate, then, that thus far “Blood” has proved to be a diamond in the rough – the ‘rough’ in question being the largely forgettable accompanying ventures. It is with open arms, then, that we welcome the announcement of grammatically-testing, debut full-length I Want That You Are Always Happy. Thus far, all that is known is that their native kinsfolk of Australia will be able to download the new album from iTunes as early as April 8th, meaning that it shouldn’t be too long before the whole world has access to it, via illicit means or otherwise. “Jesus Came to My Birthday Party”, a pleasantly inoffensive number from the new album, and presumably the lead single, is available for streaming at the Hype Machine.


One response to “new release: The Middle East – I Want That You Are Always Happy (2011)

  1. Just a heads up, The Recordings of the Middle East isn’t all they’ve ever released. They released a split EP with Sleeping in trains in 2006. I think they’re firmly established because they’ve been getting rave live reviews for the last 4 years or so.

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