new release: All Tiny Creatures

Picture ‘An Iris’; dense, flecked with colour, mesmeric. Now listen to All Tiny Creatures; feel anything the same? Yes, All Tiny Creatures’ new release Harbours is only 2 days away! We’ve come along way from August and the exciting prospect that was ‘An Iris’, a beautiful collaboration with Justin Vernon. Both artists toured together in 2005 whilst Vernon was in DeYarmond Edison and Thomas Wincek (the man behind the pseudonym All Tiny Creatures) was in Collections of Colonies of Bees. By the time that the two bands amalgamated to form Volcano Choir, a solid songwriting partnership had developed. ‘An Iris’ picked up from where Volcano Choir left off, with Wincek sorting the electronics and production behind Vernon’s ever welcome vocals. Last November and this February saw Hometapes release mixtapes containing ‘An Iris’ and ‘Glass Bubbles’ respectively, the two headline tracks chosen to represent the forthcoming Harbours. Some truly beautiful artwork has been commissioned to accompany the vinyl editions, whilst a randomly coloured LP  will be included in the package. View the art and pre-order the record here.


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