new release: The Weeknd

There isn’t much known about Canadian duo The Weeknd. From what we can tell, they’re more than capable of maintaining various social networking sites, all part of conjuring up a mysterious and seductive e-persona. As of earlier today, (yesterday, if you’re on the wrong side of the Atlantic) they dropped their first release of notable length, a mixtape entitled House of Balloons. It’s a testament to the unique appeal of their refreshing RnB sound that I hadn’t even finished my first time through before I felt inclined to post this, and share it around. Swirling, reverberating, (and refreshingly fuzz-free) supporting instrumentation is all that is needed to let the heartfelt vocals of Abel Tesfaye whisk you away, relaying frequently crude lyrical themes with a paradoxically smooth tone.¬† The mixtape includes “What You Need”, a track deservedly attracting the attention of numerous blogs and online music expositeurs. The entire thing can be download for free over at Weeknd’s official site, and you’d be ill-advised to sleep on it.


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