artist profile: YRRS

It’s Sunday night after a long weekend of lo-fi from daughters of wealthy fathers; but go on then, just enough time for one more. Moving away from the acoustic end of the spectrum we encounter YRRS, an English South Coast answer to everything American West Coast. To say that YRRS are under rehearsed would be an understatement, in reality their total band time so far only amounts to the grand total of 4 practices. That one, wholly listenable track has already emerged from such a short space of time is mere demonstration of the chemistry shared between members, Paeris Giles (drums) and Kristian Smith (vox, guitar).

The track itself is a blur of everything you would expect from avid Wavves and Polvo fans- fast strummed chords and rocket paced drum rolls. Early Wavves comparisons are unavoidable, carefree delivery down to their misspelt titles just two of the startling similarities. Equivalences aside, what I really enjoyed about ‘Another’ is the insouciance with which it is performed; the charm of Smith’s vocals plugged through a Danelectro Reverb pedal. There are really no pretences surrounding these two lo-fi darlings, and with quality musicianship sizzling behind all that distortion, it may not be much longer before we have more of YRRS on our hands.


2 responses to “artist profile: YRRS

  1. ~This is amazing; just fantastic! But what does YRRS stand for? And isn’t Paeris Giles the drummer of another South Coast band Great Bear Lake? If you haven’t heard of them, look them up because they are just as great, if not better. Maybe even do a review?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Drew Rimpiece

    I heard YRRS are the bomb/don

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