artist profile: Dressed Like Wolves

There is a beauty in simplicity. There is craft in silence. There is something profound in holding the same organ chord for 6 minutes.

There is something contradictory about producing Lo-Fi. All lengths of pro-tooling will only go so far as to create the sounds that a four-track tape recorder can do effortlessly; a £2000 compressor microphone will not register the visceral distortion a £50 acoustic guitar can conjure. Simple songs just sound so much better recorded simply, a philosophy Dressed Like Wolves appear to have adhered to. Bedroom producers ‘Rick And Matt’ have managed to create a glorious array of demos and singles, the latest being the ‘APOLF! #10’ featured ‘Brand New Set Of Bones’. The first thing that hits is tape hiss, the sonic depth that allows the piano led verse enough space to not feel cramped. The mood is sombre yet as each held chord rises in volume, it becomes clear that all hope is not lost. Reverb dressed popping perpetuates the mix as if to subdue it below a hubristic level of exultation whilst what sounds like a reversed organ threatens before engulfing the song whole. The harmonious coda is typically solipsistic without being too introverted, in other words it has just enough gusto to not be self involved. In all, a greatly accessible track to enter the world of Dressed Like Wolves.

Last year the pair released I Could Walk On Water, But I’d Rather Part The Sea, a guitar based 9 tracks lacking none of the latest release’s beauty. Taped in their Nan’s front room, the production is wholly basic yet as charming as (singer) Rick’s provincial mid ranged vocals. It is a lost  young man’s record from themes to lyrics, yet Dressed Like Wolves are most certainly not directionless. More instruments, more experimentation and fingers crossed, more tracks out soon.

mp3Dressed Like Wolves- Brand New Set Of Bones


3 responses to “artist profile: Dressed Like Wolves

  1. Hey, great profile article. 🙂 It’s actually Rick who writes/sings the songs just thought I’d let you know! Really nice stuff though.

  2. Sorry about that, love the tracks nonetheless. Keep up the good work

  3. This is really nice of you I appreciate it alot. I’m glad you enjoyed the stuff. Very nicely written articles in general too enjoyed reading them alot. Hope you’re well.

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