new release: Two Bicycles

‘The ocean can bring both optimism and fear, hope and loneliness…’

The Ocean, the upcoming LP from Two Bicycles, can indeed bring many things. March 1st washed ashore ‘I’m Not Afraid To Wait For You’ and ‘Alone At Sea’, two tracks to tease the imagination as to what wonders April’s release date will hold. Not only in its title does ‘I’m Not Afraid To Wait For You’ scream Explosions In The Sky; its harboured vaulting textures and post-rock guitar could similarly be picked straight from The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place. Streamlined yet indirect, Two Bicycles marry the above mentioned influence with glo-fi esc reverbed swells, crafted to a SLEEP OVER affected perfection. A spin off from electronic specialists Teen Daze,  ‘Alone At Sea’ pays homage to the filtered drum sampling synonymous with the parent band. From these two tracks it is unclear as to whether The Ocean will contain the minimal vocals present on previous release The Holy Forest. What is clear however, is the raw talent that could write and record an entirely listenable 6 tracks in ‘only 24 hours’. Looking forward to April 5th when we can hear the full length on download or via cassette thanks to Crash Symbols.


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