new release: Fucked Up

I’ll be honest; hardcore isn’t really my jam. I’m living a typical middle-class suburban lifestyle – too tired to riot; too apathetic to be angry; too cynical for dissonance; and largely too self-absorbed to find release in the pounding riffs and fury-driven mantras of the ‘genre of violence’. With all that said, there sure is a place in my heart for The Chemistry of Common Life, Fucked Up‘s sophomore (and defining) studio album. It seems the Toronto band is not satisfied with the content and scope of their previous releases, however; their new album David Comes to Life will feature all sorts of novelty add-ons accompanying its traditional release. The record follows the concept of a disillusioned protagonist living through the Thatcher administration, who soon endures the heartbreak of the death of the girl he falls in love with. A compilation of companion releases to the storyline will be released on Record Store Day. The band posted the poster below on their blog on Saturday; make of it what you will. David Comes to Life is due out June 7th on Matador Records.


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