new release: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Absurdly, Charlie Sheen’s recent behaviour has been blown way beyond tabloid pages and glossy magazines into the actual news, stealing column space from earthquakes and revolutions. As a result of some eccentric interviews and ‘likeable’ [via facebook] quotes, Sheen has become flavour of the week and with that, earned the dubious honour of starring in dubstep remixes and parodies galore. Whether Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.‘s decision to join the craze is sarcasm or pure ignorance I am still unsure. Nonetheless, any joke intended seems to have backfired, with new release ‘Sheenage Dream’ only racking up an unimpressive total of 94 youtube views. However, all disappointment in the Detroit duo stops here, following the reveal of a brilliant new track ‘Morning Thought’, the first release from new LP Its A Corporate World, due June.

2010’s Horse Power EP remains a lighter listen than the dense ‘Morning Thought’. Thankfully, none of Horse Power’s pop fuelled vigour is lost in the new track. Fingers crossed Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr’s moment Sheenage Dreaming is a small slip up on an otherwise seamless journey to June.



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