artist profile: Another

Soundcloud is rapidly becoming one of our favourite outlets for discovering and experiencing new and innovative music, and what could possibly be more innovative than music which categorises itself with a genre-tag not previously recognised? Welcome to Another, whose music is curiously labelled as ‘dark beach’/’heavy beach’ on his recently uploaded Soundcloud tracks. In, a way, he’s right; “Night” opens with steel-sounding percussion and wispy flecks of sea spray, caressing rocks on the shoreline. A synthesised melody takes precedent over reverberating vocals deliberately relegated to the background, but nothing about Another’s music forces itself upon you.

My favourite track though, is “Gold Glow”. Here, very little electronic influence permeates the mix, replaced with a gorgeous surf-pop guitar and gorgeous floating vocals. The outro is perfect, and the entire jam does exactly what it says on the tin – glows, and glows in abundance. There’s also a beautiful ‘original’ copy of the song via Youtube below (and if you dig a little deeper, a cover of Girls’ unreleased “Lysandre”).


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