new release: Four Tet/Daphni split 12″

A couple of days ago, Four Tet‘s Kieran Hebden announced that he is set to release a split 12″ with Caribou pseudonym Daphni. Bearing in mind just how awesome his release with Burial in 2009 of a similar nature was, this is news well worth getting excited for. Since that announcement, both tracks have been uploaded to each respective artist’s Soundcloud page. The Four Tet track, “Pinnacles”, is as effortlessly magnificent as one might expect; expansive, ethereal, but never insipid – but curiously different to the sonic palette of There is Love in You in that it is inflected with world music influences more noticeable in earlier releases, like 2006’s Rounds.

Dan Snaith’s song under the alias Daphni is also worth a listen, at the very least for assimilation purposes. It’s not immediately clear why he felt the need to drop the Caribou handle, as the sound here proves not to be entirely dissimilar. “Ye Ye” pulsates and then pauses, heading trance-like to its ultimate conclusion, whilst an increasingly percussive sound takes control.

Though a release date has not yet been etched in stone, it is confirmed that the split will be released on Hebden’s personal imprint, Text Records.


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