Weekender 19/02

Arcade Fire sealed a surprise victory at this week’s Grammy Awards, scooping their first ‘Album Of The Year’. A low key reception suggests that the Gaga adoring wider public don’t view ‘The Suburbs’ as 2010’s defining album- which in truth it isn’t. However, given the other nominations and the award’s typical recipients, a win for the iconic Arcade Fire, is most definitely a win for music. In celebration, Montreal’s favourites have announced a world tour commencing April 2011.

Win Butler- ‘We like music’

In search of a more spontaneous, revolutionary way to release their latest record, Radiohead push forward the release date for ‘The King Of Limbs’ from Saturday to Friday. Stream the long anticipated album in its entirety over at PMA.

According to The Guardian, PJ Harvey has been offered the opportunity to become The Imperial War Museum’s first musical ‘War Correspondent’ following the release of her 8th studio album ‘Let England Shake’. In an interview for BBC’s ‘Culture Show’, Polly Jean revealed that the album was inspired by world wide conflict, and that she wishes to emulate the achievements of the legendary war poets and artists.

Internet sensations Guards reveal 3 cover tracks via their infamous Bandcamp page. Listen to personal favourite ‘Taxi Cab’ below.

Download two optimistically titled offerings from Keep Shelly In Athens and Purrbot. Anything to brighten up February, the cruellest of months.

Keep Shelly In Athens- Song To Cheer You Up

Purrbot- Share The Good


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