Weekender 12/02

The Strokes- Long anticipated release, ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’ finally exploded this Wednesday with Casablancas and Co. straight on the promotion offensive.


Tyler, The Creator- Odd Future head Tyler Dyrell cites ‘Adolf Hitler, Dinosaurs, Books and Hamsters’ as significant influences. See how much Mein Kampf you can hear below in the new video for ‘Yonkers’.


Panda Bear- Released last year on 7”,  ‘Last Night At The Jetty’ returns with an album mix, reshaped and rehashed by producer Sonic Boom.

Panda Bear- \’Last Night At The Jetty\’


Sims- Minneapolis Hip-Hop artist Andrew Sims returns Monday with his second LP ‘Bad Time Zoo’.


Sea Birds– Download the B-side from Morgan Enos’s latest release.

Sea Birds- ‘Clipper Ships


Devendra Banhart– The psychedelic legend shows malekind how it should be done in Lisa Eisner’s short film advertising sunglasses. Watch over at Nowness.


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